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At our Healthcare Centre in Ranchi, it is a state of art with modern Health care facility. The hospital started in 2004 on the name of my mother. The Hospital is dedicated for emergency management & advanced Trauma management Indeed the hospital is made truly for needed people at the time of crisis. Despite this Planed surgery, knee, joint, replacement surgery Arthroscopy, Trauma related to uro surgery, Neurosurgery, medical services in Jharkhand, plastic surgery & pediatric surgery In Ranchi is available here.

The state of art trauma hospital is fully equipped with all modern facility & advanced life support system, the hospital is having modern I.C.U major world Class O.T with laminar Floor, & Zero Bacteria Environment with comfort Zone inside the hospital the world class finest operating rooms intensive care units, Sophisticated laboratories, covering all major discipline & patient room with high Ambience and architecture. Even since its opening it has been the most favored destination for those who seek special care at the hospital. It is situated at the heart of city close to nature and away from maddening crowd.


Dr. S. N. Yadav


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  • What's Arthroscopy?
    Arthroscopic surgery has revolutionized operative treatment of the knee over the last 30 years. Owing to the magnification achieved with fiber optics used in modern arthroscopy, this technique allows the surgeon to visualize the inside of the knee through incisions as small as 1 cm in length.


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