Mission & Vision


Since our conception, Maa Ram Ram Pyari Super Speciality Hospital has always made it a mission to understand their patients as individuals, not just limited by their ailments. In an age where healthcare is quickly turning into a business, the motto of Maa Ram Pyari Ortho Hospital is to instil a complete standard of patient care accompanied by empathy and complete transparency.

Our mission right now is, “To deliver affordable and superior patient care, full of empathy, while maintaining complete transparency of the process.”




Maa Ram Pyari Super Speciality Hospital is the first medical centre in Ranchi to offer a brand new approach to patient treatment. Based on the visions of our founding panel, RPOC doctors and staff apply their knowledge beyond conventional patient treatment regimes. Doing so, they are able to achieve a significantly higher patient survival rate which keeps improving as each year goes by.

Our vision right now is, “To position Maa Ram Pyari Ortho hospital as the most trusted and optimal healthcare provider for patients.”

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