Arthroscopy and Spine


The Maa Ram Pyari Arthroscopy department consists of specialist orthopedic surgeons who can diagnose, assess and treat a wide range of bone and joint problems utilizing minimally invasive techniques. These minimally invasive surgeries are mostly conducted with the help of an arthroscope, a miniscule and small tool designed for viewing and treating complications inside a joint. The arthroscope device is so narrow and slim that it can be inserted into a joint through one or several miniature cuts on the skin known as “keyhole cuts”. The arthroscope is also fitted with a tiny, cutting edge camera with a special lighting setup that enables the specialist surgeon to view the inner structure on a high resolution monitor. The specialist surgeon can also attach modular tools to the end of the arthroscope to precisely cut, shape or remove the bone or tissue mass that is causing the issue.

Arthroscopic surgery is one of our mostly routined surgeries, performed on a large scale each year. A primary section of these keyhole surgeries include cartilage repairing procedure and meniscus problem adjustment for the knee, getting rid of inflammation and the repairing of rotator cuff injury on the shoulder, and hip resurfacing surgery.

Spine Surgery

The Maa Ram Pyari department of Spine Surgery and Treatment, is regarded as one of the best hospitals in the state for assessing and addressing spinal issues.

Our specialist spine surgeons regularly perform highly complicated spine surgeries that require utmost concentration and precision. Maa Ram Pyari Super Speciality Hospital has hand picked some of the greatest spine specialists who are adept at treating cancers, spinal deformities, spinal disorders, spinal pain management, spinal rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The priority of our specialist surgeons have always been to make the surgeries less invasive and use cutting edge robotic machine surgeries, all to reduce the risks and shorten the patient’s recovery time.

Maa Ram Pyari Spine Specialists realize that the lifestyle and work schedule of the present day individual has become a large cause of spinal issues and injury. To solve this our Spine doctors have designed a comprehensive range of back pain and spinal disorder management options. Our Spine specialists cross check patients against a list of common spine diseases or spine disorders to diagnose the issue, and provide the correct treatment accordingly.

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