Cardiology & Cardiac Intervention

Maa Ram Pyari Cardiology and Cardiac Intervention Centre, in Ranchi offers one of the most full scale treatment programmes to ensure that your heart keeps beating the way it is supposed to. With advanced cardiac specialists, equipment and technicians, we are able to run a highly efficient and fully digitized cath lab and cardiac ICU to ensure that the patient’s heart receives the prime care that it deserves.

Our services for cardiac support includes advanced paramedic support from the time of emergency to the sensitive care that is required in case of emergencies. The process of cardiac intervention starts from the moment you dial our number on the hotline, where in our advanced paramedic support also reaches you within the quickest time. Rescue vehicles are equipped with doctors, paramedical staff, ventilators, heart monitors and life saving medicines. Following up on it the patient is immediately admitted into emergency care as soon as they arrive at the hospital.

From Medical management to major heart surgery we are always ready to provide you the best care, no matter which hour of the day the emergency arises.

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