General & Laparoscopy Surgery

Maa Ram Pyari Super Speciality Hospital has a state of the art General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department that is equipped with the latest in medical machinery and infrastructure, operated by an experienced panel of surgeons. Surgical specialities include performing of major and minor surgeries of the abdomen, breasts, heart, hernia, soft tissues and so forth.

The minimally invasive keyhole surgery or Laparoscopic surgery is also one of our specialities, that is used in the surgical process of treating ailments in the field of gastroenterology, gynaecology and urology. Our specialized Laparoscopic team is trained to provide specialized preoperative and post-operative care, and medication while providing standardized follow ups to ensure optimal care. This type of surgery is highly preferable as it has one of the quickest healing and recovery time; involves less pain and blood loss during the surgical process, and significantly reduced scarring compared to regular operative procedures.

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