At Maa Ram Pyari Ortho Hospital, the bone and joints department is completely set up to offer the best care available for patients across the country. This is made possible by a specialized panel of highly experienced Orthopedic surgeons who are adept at regularly performing arthroscopic treatment, bone trauma treatment, complex joint procedures, emergency sports injuries and fracture care.

Maa Ram Pyari Orthopedicians have been carefully trained, selected and panelled from the best medical facilities all over the country and abroad. Additionally, they have also had years of experience operating our hospital’s cutting edge equipment such as image intensifiers and operating microscope, advanced operating rooms with laminar flow and Physiotherapy centre with the best arthroscopy system.

In a short time, Maa Ram Pyari Ortho Hospital has not only become one of the most renowned Orthopedic treatment centres in Ranchi but also on a par with the best treatment centres in the country.

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